A letter to the community,

The community we have built has been a huge part of Quotiful’s story since day one. I still remember the morning the app went live, I was in Philadelphia celebrating my birthday and awoke to my phone constantly buzzing with Quotiful notifications. Seeing all the hard work come to life and my passion shared by a budding community of quote lovers was a surreal experience.

Having talked to other tech entrepreneurs and read articles about startups, I expected a slow climb to our first 1,000 people. But when 4,000 downloads steadily rolled in during the first month, I knew Quotiful was onto something. And the first Quotifuls shared by the community were all the more affirming. Before starting, I knew many people loved quotes and loved sharing quotes, but I wasn’t sure if they loved designing quotes. Then came photos of beaming toddlers, nostalgic beach memories, and other beautiful images overlaid with inspiring quotes, song lyrics, and personal mottos - I realized the power that inspiring words combined with beautiful photography really has on our emotions.

Since those first moments, the quote lovers on Quotiful continue to teach me new things and bring new perspectives to the app. A platform to share inspirational quotes now also serves as the place where people can be themselves, share personal stories, and find inspiration to go through life’s ups and downs. Over our first year, what the community looks for in the app became clear: A way to find the right inspiration when they need it most - whether during the morning commute, at the gym or on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

This brings us to where we are today, starting the app’s second year, with preparation in the works for Quotiful 2.0 and a Kickstarter campaign set to launch on Wednesday, October 22.

Exciting things are coming for Quotiful, and I’m glad you are part of the journey!